Happy Chanukah


Every holiday season Janee holds a graphic challenge. The grand prize is a virtual trophy.... last season my entry got a trophy and the image above is a composite of the winning graphic, Amir and Ruthie lighting the candles and the trophy.

Tonight as we light the first candle of Chanukah I want to wish you all a Happy Chanukah and a Happy Holiday Season.


Holidays at Gardner Road

When I think of holidays my memories go to 75 Gardner Rd. Brooline,Ma. They are probably all linked together along with the weekly Friday evening dinners.

75 Gardner Rd Fall 2002Many a time the whole extended family would have a great dinner in the basement room. Beulah overseeing the cooking in the downstairs kitchen. Thanksgivings,Passover seders all intertwine in one collective memory.

When I think of 75 Gardner Rd I also think of the two families, two brothers and two sisters living together in the same house for more than 40 years. I was personally attracted to the great 100 Seeburg record player in Uncle Fred's sunroom,the aquarium in his den and the huge doll collection. Sophie Letcher made a composite image of the dolls for her "ancestry" school project.

Sophie's doll wallpaper

I know there were times, mainly in my teens, that the family gatherings were a little too much. But looking back with a new perspective I think we all were very fortunate to have had a big extended family.


Grandma Duties

It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been busy in two areas.... grandma duty and photoshop restoration study group. See monosson outing where I started to restore the picnic scene. A good friend brought me the book from the states, saving me 4-6 weeks shipping time and costs, and I have been busy doing Chapter 2 and trying to catch up with the group that started on the 1st of November. Here is the link to my "homework" for Chapter 2. I rescanned the image at 600 dpi and used several methods to fix the tonal and contrast qualities. At the bottom there is a link to the second part where I used other images for more methods.

Besides my weekly trip to Jerusalem, my daughter Naomi joined her husband Erez for a few days in Greece on his way home from a business trip. Who was on duty to hold down the fort.... general Grandma!!!! In the end I felt like bus driver, at least in and out of Naomi's jeep 3-4 times a day... I don't remember bussing my kids about... but times daughter deserves a medal to balence all that and her work in between!!!!

Next week, Thrusday, Thanksgiving... hope you'll share your family gatherings with some photos.. This year my friend Bev is having a Thanksgiving dinner... but on Shabbat, the 25th...

In the meantime, Hag Sameach, Happy Holiday!!!


Cold---Think Hot Bathes

Its been raining and getting cooler....makes me think about sinking into a nice hot bath,98-102 degrees F,at one of our favorite places.... 45-60 minutes south towards Kiryat Gat... Hamai Yoav hot spring bathes.
Some of the links don't work ..!!!
Some pictures from our last visit. Had a great day at a real fun spot!


Monosson Outing abt 1922

Going through an old cigar box, yes it was my grandfathers, I found this lovely image of another family picnic... Every picture tells a story... I really love the spontaneity of this shot.. I bet it was Fred behind the camera!

On Janee's forum we have started a study group to explore photo restorations, based on Katrin Eismann's books. Hope to get the book soon.....I have lots of old faded photos and this should keep me out of trouble!

Here is the original scanned image: Click to get a bigger view

Here is my restoration: Click to get a bigger view

I think I can bring out more detail and contrast, and fix Alice a bit better. I may scan at a higher dpi. and try again.. in the meantime enjoy

Left to right:
Dave Monosson, Bathsheba Monosson, Esther Poley Monosson, Adolphe Monosson, Ruth Monosson,Alice Monosson.

If anyone wants the full image for printing please let me know.. these have been saved for web and won't make good prints.

Anyone else have any old Monosson or Poley images? Please share!!!


Thank You Grandma and Grandpa

We've all written thank you notes to our grandparents at one time or another! Here's one from 1891,written by Frieda and her sister Sasha,probably from Moscow.

These were translated with the help of genners from Jewishgen. I think the Raja is a nickname for Sasha, as Fegenden the nick name for Frieda. Baby Isaac is Isador Monosson [about 11 months], and hard to manage David is my grandfather David [4 yrs]. Brust is probably Brest a city or distict in Belarus, probably referring to where he was born.

Russian Section

To my beloved grandfather and grandmother.

I am Thank God alive and healthy and wish you the same. Please write me more frequently letters. Give my best regards to great-grandfather and great-grandmother. Staying with you, your humble grand-daughter

Raja Monozon
91 year 21 August.

Translated by Evelyn Waldstein.
This is a cousin of the Freedland branch as Majorie Short pointed out to me! Small World!!!

Yiddish Section

My dear grandfather and grandmother. I am thanks to G-d well. Received your dear letter with great joy. Thanks for sending money. I bought two pair of woolen socks, different colors. Now I can write that Isaac from Brust is a beautiful child. David a very spoiled and hard to manage. He says he wants to write to you also and takes a piece of paper to do so. I have nothing else new to write. I beg you to write often and we will answer.

Your grandchild Fegenden

Translated by Tamar

Here is a second note!

"My dear and highly esteemed Grandfather and Grandmother,
My beloved ones! First of all,I am writing you that I am healthy, thank G-d, and may He continue to let it be so. My dear grandparents, I can tell you that I can play on a [illegible - Ramal?] a polka and a waltz, and I will play a volna [violin?].My dear grandparents, my dear Papa and Mama have a clothing [illegible], and the color is bordeaux. My dear grandparents, I ask you to write us letters more often in detail about how you are doing and how things are like there. Be well and happy. These are the wishes for you of your devoted grandchild,

Rosha Manadsohn [?]"

August 21,1891

This was translated by David Goldman

She may have been speaking about a piano.. Roz Monosson said that when Sasha was living with their family she played the piano. Rosha =Sasha Mansdsohn=Monossohn. As you can see the clearity of the letters makes the translation difficult....

I recieved these letters from Laurie Cohen our Warshall relatives.

Family connection:

Frieda and Sasha Monosson were half-sisters to David, Isador, and Fred Monosson. Frieda married Jacob Warshall, they had six children. Laurie is her grand-daughter, daughter of William Warshall and Edith Rubin. Another Warahall relative that has done a great deal of Monosson research is Michael Jaffe, Frieda's gr-grandson.

Sasha's husband was murdered in St Petersburg. She suffered greatly during WWII and when she arrived in the states she lived for a time with Isador's family, but she was not stable and she died in the Worcester State Hospital. Roz wrote a story about Sasha that I will put up on the blog. She is buried in the family plot at the Workman's Circle Cemetery in West Roxbury no stone was made for her memory. Roz Monosson and Majorie Short found out that information.


Brookline High School 50th Reunion

Now who should Rona [Savel] Hamada meet at the 50th reunion of Brookline High?

L-R Judy Poley Walker & Rona Savel Hamada

Family Connections:
Judy Poley daughter of Abraham "Chick" Poley and Jean Mezer.
Rona Savel Hamada daughter of Ruth Monosson Savel and Arthur Savel. Minnie Poley Monosson,Ruth's mother,was "Chick's" sister!
That makes Judy and Rona first cousins once removed!

Surprise in Miami

Jill wrote me of the surprise meeting she had when she was on a work project in Miami. She certainly gets around!!!

Jill wrote "It was February 2006 and I was in South Beach Miami opening our 2nd Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouse. I was sitting at a table in the store and out of my peripheral vision, saw someone staring at me. I looked up to find Sandy (Poley) Noymer standing there. I grew up 2 houses away from the Noymer family and hadn't seen them in years. Then in walked Judy (Poley) Walker and Sandy's 2 daughters Karen and Ruthie. What a shock. My mom is friends with Judy and mentioned to her that I was working in Miami for a couple weeks. Judy and the others happened to be visiting from Boston at the same time so they popped in to say hello. It was one of the best surprises I've ever had."

Front Row-L-R Jill Savel Hamada and Sandy Poley Walker
Second Row Karen and Ruthie , Sandy's daughters , Sandy Poley Noymer
Back Row Chris Nugent

Family Connection:
Jill Hamada daughter of Rona Savel Hamada and Edwin Hamada, first cousin twice removed of Sandra Poley Noymer and Judith Poley Walker, and second cousin once removed to Karen and Ruthie Noymer.

The Poley connection: Minnie Poley Monosson, Jill's gr-grandmother is the sister to Sandra and Judith's father "Chick" Poley. Now Jill that wasn't so confusing!!!!

Shalom Avery Joseph Labno

Say Shalom to Avery Labno, son of Sarah Elizabeth Price and Lance Labno. Our newest member to our Aronson Price family. Avery Joseph is named for his grandfather Allen [Avraham] Price and Joseph after his grandfather Joseph Lieb. I met Roger through Jewishgen and was thrilled to see he had our family photos. Seems his grandfather Samuel moved the Chicago area where they remained in contact with family through letters and exchanging pictures. Its great that we could reconnect our family through the internet.

Family connection:
Sarah is the daughter of Roger Price and Marilyn Jean Lieb. Roger is the son of Allen Price and Belle Newmark and grandson of Samuel Price and Etta Sorovsky.. Samuel is the brother of Fannie Price. Fannie Price married Hyman Aronson my grandparents!

Marilyn may be coming to Israel as a volunteer for the Jordan River Project the newest of the Hole in the Wall

The beautiful annoucement card was made by rattlenroll.

Names Patterns and Monosson

I promised Zoe Monosson a bit about names and especially Monosson naming. She found it amusing that her 4th cousin Zoe Goldstein's mother is named Rachel,,and she herself,Zoe,has a sister Rachel.

In the 19th century and well into the 20th children were named after their relatives that passed away, a grandfather,grandmother, gr-grandfather, gr-grandmother from either the mother's of fathers's side of the family. Here is a great slide show about names from Jewishgen

Well in our little Monosson family there are many doubles. Both Fred Efraim, and David named their sons Adolphe, after their father Adolphe Abraham who was brutaly murdered in Moscow in 1892. Fred's used a different spelling Adolf also known as big "Sonny". Now brother Isador also had a son, and grandma Bessie was adament to have him named Adolphe as well, but Aunt Anna was also stubborn and he was named Gerald from her side of the family, but note this... he was known a little "Sonny"!

Well it doesn't stop there! Two of Adolphe's daughters were named Susan Mary, Mary after gr-grandmother Mary Poley[ now Asha] and Deborah Basha, named after Gr grandmother Basha [Bessie Monosson]. Adolf followed suit with his Susan Joy and Deborah J ..... Debbie what does the J stand for? So there were two Susan Monossons and two Deborah Monosson all with Adolphe/Adolf for fathers....

Your grandfather Eugene Bernard was named after his gr-grandfather Berel Aronson, and I don't know who I am named after....


Introducing Zoe Goldstein

Introducing Zoe Goldstein, our youngest family member born to Rachel and Whitney Goldstein on the 15th of June 2006... Isn't she a BEAUTY !!!!!

Click to enlarge

I just met Rachel through my blog.... she is the daughter of David Freedland and Carla Petnov. David is my second cousin and the son of Alice Monosson and Morton Freedland.. They live in the "big apple" and Rachel has an interesting job at Elle magazine,ELLE Group Online General Manager.

Congratulations Rachel and Whitney


Congratulations JILL

Jill is now the Inventory/Merchandise Manager of SHMC
StarBuck Hear Music Coffeehouses..How exciting !!!

"I'm now leading the small team that is responsible for
choosing and buying music for our Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouses.
How cool is that? "


So next time you have coffee at a Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouse, and listen to the music think of the family connections!!!

L-R Carol,Jill,Asha,Yacov

I first met Jill when we went to pick up our rental in Oakland,Ca, fall 2004. Jill is my second cousin once removed, daughter of Rona Savel Hamada. We had been visiting my sister in Concord,Ca and Jill ,from Seattle,Wa, was on a work project for Starbucks in the area. We were at the beginning of our cross country trip and she took a break from work. We all went to have a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks. Where else???

Since then we have been in contact through e-mail and updates from Rona !

Family connection: For the younger generations!
Ruth Monosson Savel, Jill's grandmother, was the oldest daughter of Fred Monosson and Minnie Poley. Fred's brother David,my grandfather, was married to Minnie's sister Esther Poley. The two families lived I think more than 40 years at 75 Gardner Rd, Brookline ,Ma


Workman's Circle -- Golden Ring Camp-- Friendships that last!

Almost every summer I went to Golden Ring Camp in Framingham,Ma. First as a camper and then a jr counselor and finally a counselor. It was during those years that I met Judy and we became friends. I lived in Newton and she lived in Brookline. After highshcool and college we went our seperate ways. I made aliya, married, and raised my family in Israel, while Judy married and moved to Canada and raised her family there.

We kept in contact for a few years.... I recieved her wedding picture... a card announcing the birth of Avi...but slowly we drifted apart busy with family..raising kids work etc.

I seem to keep all sorts of letters, cards etc. and while rummaging through them I found these links to an old and dear friendship. Maybe I could find Judy through the web. Tried finding her telephone number, last address was Montreal, with no luck. Didn't know that she had moved to Toronto. Then I got the idea that maybe through my genealogical forum I could find her.[Everyone knows I'm a genealogical 'freak'] So I posted on Jewishgen [put in link] and a freind of one of her daughters recognized the the married name and aske her if that was her mother's maiden name... BINGO... Judy's daughter wrote me by e-mail and soon Judy was calling me every few months. We have been on phone contact for over a year now... I hope Judy will soon learn some computer skills...!!!

But as you all know fate plays funny tricks, and as Judy says, real life is stranger than fiction. This past summer, in the midst of the war, hundreds of new families from Canada and the US made aliya. Amoung them Judy's daughters, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren....they are now building there new home in Metar just outside of Beersheba.

Only natural that Grandma Judy would soon becoming for a visit! Well when El Al made a special, Judy and Avi made plans to visit... Last evening we met after 49 years at the home of her friends in Herzlia.... we just picked up where we left off...

Here are some of the pictures of that exciting meeting...

I am sure I'll be seeing alot more of Judy here.!!!

From Judy-Visit

Tribute to Sonny

A few weeks ago after starting this blog,I was contacted by Deborah Monosson telling me that her family was going on a hike in new Hampshire as a tribute to Sonny Monosson,her father who passed away three years ago in October. It was a family tradition to go hiking in NH and the family is carrying on the tradition with the next generation. She asked to post a family picture and of course I would love to! What a winderful tribute to keep his memory alive! Sonny and Gloria's beautiful family.

click on image to enlarge

The family hike took place Pinkham Notch, NH
Family Members From L ro R Susan Monosson Kooper,Ben Letcher,Alex Scherzer,Samuel Letcher, Debbie Monosson,Emily Monosson Letcher,Robert Scherzer
Front row:Sophia Letcher,Gloria Monosson,Jamie ScherzerJudith Monosson Scherzer.

For the younger generation a little family background: Adolf "Sonny" Monosson was the son of Fred Monosson your great-grandfather.

David [my grandfather], Isador, and Fred arrived in the US with their mother Bessie [Bathsheba] at the beginnng 20th century 1904-1906, after their father Adolphe[Abraham] was murdered in Moscow.


Beit Shaen Excavations

One thing that I want to do on the blog is show some interesting sites and places here in Israel.

The Decapolis is a group of 10 cities of the Roman Empire in the areas of Syria and Judea. Scythopolis is the only one that is on the western side of the Jordan River. Excavations of that city are in the city of Beit Shean. Last winter we took a trip up north and visited the site. I put up a photo album on Flicker which I thought I would put up here on the blog

For full view images click here


Testing Hebrew


רק רוצה לראות עם אפשר לכתוב בעברית
Just testing to see if I can write in Hebrew!!!

Well it looks OK to me... not that I would use it .... trying to find all the letters on the keyboard... and my spelling ugh in one 3 letter word I would make 3 mistakes!!!

Swimming Lessons

Hope this now won't fowl up the blog like the last tims!

Noam is learning to swim!!!!
Swimming Lessons
Oct 5, 2006 - 5 Photos

Noam is my grandson, almost 16 months old. Born June 10, 2005 to Yael,my daughter, and Shabtai Itzhak-Edan. Clicking on the little thumb you will get to the swimming album on google's Picassa web albums. A great way to share family stuff!

Happy New Year... Gmar Hatima Tova

This year I didn't make a special New Year greeting so I am going to use this blog to wish all my friends and Family a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR and GMAR HATIMA TOVA.....

From all the family Yacov Carol Ruth Naomi Erez Lior Mor Amir Yael Shabtai Noam

Hope to keep you all posted....

So far so good

Well it seems to be working! At least I don't see the gibberish that I had before!

New To Blogging

i am having problems viewing my blog so deleted all postings and am starting all over again..... Hope this will work