Workman's Circle -- Golden Ring Camp-- Friendships that last!

Almost every summer I went to Golden Ring Camp in Framingham,Ma. First as a camper and then a jr counselor and finally a counselor. It was during those years that I met Judy and we became friends. I lived in Newton and she lived in Brookline. After highshcool and college we went our seperate ways. I made aliya, married, and raised my family in Israel, while Judy married and moved to Canada and raised her family there.

We kept in contact for a few years.... I recieved her wedding picture... a card announcing the birth of Avi...but slowly we drifted apart busy with family..raising kids work etc.

I seem to keep all sorts of letters, cards etc. and while rummaging through them I found these links to an old and dear friendship. Maybe I could find Judy through the web. Tried finding her telephone number, last address was Montreal, with no luck. Didn't know that she had moved to Toronto. Then I got the idea that maybe through my genealogical forum I could find her.[Everyone knows I'm a genealogical 'freak'] So I posted on Jewishgen [put in link] and a freind of one of her daughters recognized the the married name and aske her if that was her mother's maiden name... BINGO... Judy's daughter wrote me by e-mail and soon Judy was calling me every few months. We have been on phone contact for over a year now... I hope Judy will soon learn some computer skills...!!!

But as you all know fate plays funny tricks, and as Judy says, real life is stranger than fiction. This past summer, in the midst of the war, hundreds of new families from Canada and the US made aliya. Amoung them Judy's daughters, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren....they are now building there new home in Metar just outside of Beersheba.

Only natural that Grandma Judy would soon becoming for a visit! Well when El Al made a special, Judy and Avi made plans to visit... Last evening we met after 49 years at the home of her friends in Herzlia.... we just picked up where we left off...

Here are some of the pictures of that exciting meeting...

I am sure I'll be seeing alot more of Judy here.!!!

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ruth said...

מאוד נהנתי באותו ערב היה מאוד נחמד וגם גודי מאוד נחמדה

Anonymous said...

I went to Golden Ring Camp after it moved to Pembroke. I have lots of wonderful memories and life long friends. Jeff Silver

Anonymous said...
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