Happy Chanukah


Every holiday season Janee holds a graphic challenge. The grand prize is a virtual trophy.... last season my entry got a trophy and the image above is a composite of the winning graphic, Amir and Ruthie lighting the candles and the trophy.

Tonight as we light the first candle of Chanukah I want to wish you all a Happy Chanukah and a Happy Holiday Season.


Holidays at Gardner Road

When I think of holidays my memories go to 75 Gardner Rd. Brooline,Ma. They are probably all linked together along with the weekly Friday evening dinners.

75 Gardner Rd Fall 2002Many a time the whole extended family would have a great dinner in the basement room. Beulah overseeing the cooking in the downstairs kitchen. Thanksgivings,Passover seders all intertwine in one collective memory.

When I think of 75 Gardner Rd I also think of the two families, two brothers and two sisters living together in the same house for more than 40 years. I was personally attracted to the great 100 Seeburg record player in Uncle Fred's sunroom,the aquarium in his den and the huge doll collection. Sophie Letcher made a composite image of the dolls for her "ancestry" school project.

Sophie's doll wallpaper

I know there were times, mainly in my teens, that the family gatherings were a little too much. But looking back with a new perspective I think we all were very fortunate to have had a big extended family.