My Grandparents Didn't Swim the Atlantic

For years I have been trying to locate my maternal grandparents,ARONSON,on the Ellis Island database with no success. My grandfather,Hyman Aronson, stated specifically that he arrived on July 23rd on the Rotterdam, but I had never found him on that or any other Rotterdam sailing for 1900. So I always joked that they swam over.

Here is the Immigration story on the new web site for my Aronson-Price families

Since I wrote that story I looked over my mother's birth certificate...which is also a story in itself and there I saw the letter "S" for my grandmother's middle name. So the mystery of who was Sore is solved... but why weren't they sailing as a a married couple.

Finding this certificate was very hard because my mother was named Bella and they changed it to Beatrice... not legally but by use, and note that the spelling of ARONSON was with an "E".
I believe that on my Aunt Lillian's birth certificate she was named Lena.


Marsha's Visit to Jerusalem

What a great visit. We had loads of fun and it was a wonderful reunion. Happy and sad at the same time. Happy to see Marsha after such a long time, fall 2002, and sad that my brother Gene, who passed away 3 years ago, wasn't with us. I was wearing his hat that Marsha lent me. Tomorrow off for a visit to Masada!!!

Here is a slide show of the visit. Made by PictoBuilder

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Leo Monosson Any Connection?

While veiwing the new English Monosson Trailer on YouTube

I noticed on the side bar several videos for a Leo Monosson,a singer and actor. Leo, born Leon in 1897, is the son of Isai Monosson and Malvina Szereszewki. For comparison my grandfather David was born in 1887,his brother Fred in 1892. A collection of the videos can be found on YouTube

Since I haven't been active in my genealogy research I corresponded with Michael to find out more information and he sent a descendant chart. Seems that I met his second wife Stephanie in Florida,another story, and his daughter Vera Monosson Steinfeld here in Tel Aviv and corresponded with her about the possible connection. So far we haven't been able to find the "link" both Michael and I both think that Leo's grandfather Leon,born beteeen 1835-1845 and our Gr-grandfather Abraham/Adolphe, born around 1847 were either siblings or cousins. Isai was a in the diamond business and sold stones to the famous Faberge. The families had close ties and Monosson is his private telephone directory. This fact we found out from a bit of professional research we did.

Michael sent me some images of Leo that he bought on Ebay a few years ago. Here is the sideshow.

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Break Fast with Grandma Barbara

Just received this great group of pictures from my cousin Barbara... these were taken last October at the Break Fast (Yom Kippor)

Barbara is my first cousin, her mother Lillian and my mother Beatrice were sisters. We lived close by in Newton center. All the family was present Paul,Barbara's eldest son, and Karen with their son's Ben and Max. I remember Ben's Bar Mitzvah on Mount Masada. Jane,Barbara's daughter and husband Jerry and their daughters Rachel and Erica. Steven,Barbara's youngest son with Susan,Sam,Joe and little Sophie!!!

Sophie is the newest addition to the Pofcher family. Born to Steven and Susan on August 5 2007.

From carol -connecting

Here is a slide show of the event. Click on image to see images on Picassa web album.Click on the little icon on the left for captions!

Enjoy and Happy Mother's day Barbara and all the mother's,grandmothers everywhere!!

Monosson Documentary

Here is the trailer of the documentary about Fred Monosson that is being produced by Itzhak Rubin and Avishai Kfir.

The documentary will be called --I was there in color--- and will tell the story of my Gr-Uncle Fred Monosson who filmed Israel and Europe from about 1945 - 1967 in color!!!

The trailer is in Hebrew!! As soon as there is one in English I will blog it.

New sister for Avery - Romy Annebelle Labno

Remember Avery !!!!
Well he has a brand new baby sister. See how both are smiling!!!

E-mail from Sarah: Hello! Just wanted to send the news about our daughter, Romy Anabelle Labno (pronounced ROW' mee). We're home resting and she's doing great, as is her proud big brother Avery who calls her "his" baby. She was born Sunday night at 10:39p (on her due date - how very punctual!). She weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and her height is 20 inches, and is named lovingly for a variety of ladies including Sarah's grandmother, Belle Price (birth name: Rebecca); Lance's grandmother, Angeline Labno; and Lance's greatgrandmother "Oma", AnnaOlga Nock.

As I wrote to Grandma Marilyn this is the reward of my genealogy projects... keeping 3rd and 4th generations connected.....
Marilyn also sent me this lovely photo!!

Congratulations to ALL


Hello World

From carol -connecting

Born May 6th 2009.... weighed in at 3.280 kilo [7.2 lbs]

Meet my newest grandson... brother to Noam,Avishag,Tamara wearing his born@home cap!!!!

Happy parents Shabtai and Yael


Alex's Trip Summer 2008

Alex Scherzer asked me to share some of his images from his summer trip!!!

Here are some picture from my trip this summer. We began with a week in Europe, starting in Prague, Czech republic, exploring over 1000 years of Jewish history. Next, we traveled to Poland. We began in the city of Krakow, where we visited historic places such as Oskar Schindler's factory. Next, we went to the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps, one of the most moving and memorable moments of my life. After visiting the Warsaw ghetto, we arrived in Israel, where we spent the next 4 weeks of the summer. In Israel we had some of the greatest experiences of our lives, such as swimming in the dead sea, watching the sun rise at Masada, visiting the western wall, camping out in the Negev, riding camels, and so much more.

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Farewell Asha

My younger sister Asha passed away ..... Saturday the 3rd of January a few weeks after her 61 San Miguel, Mexico from complications that developed after an operation on a perforated ulcer..she developed septicemia and fluid in her lungs....Asha how can wish you farewell.... ??? In my mind you are still there at the other end of the world....and I am just waiting for another post with our special ending'n' that we used to sign our posts to each other. Without a funeral and "Shiva" it is difficult to come to terms and make a closure. This I hope will help... a sort of virtual "Shiva"

Forgive me for not realizing just how ill you were....I did have a feeling that you were not recuperating from your operation and it was taking too long... wanted to contact you through Skype.... but unfortunately it wasn't possible... I think Irving was probably trying to spare me in this case..... so I didn't have a chance to really tell you how much I care and how much you will be missed.....

We lived in two different worlds... and a whole decade separated us... but we still found ways to communicate and find topics of mutual interest.... mainly our art connection.... through you I tried diddling in digital painting and took two courses with LVS.... it was a great step towards my continuing in the traditional manner with pencil and paints... when you were in a slump I tried to help you, maybe a bit too much, to get your creative juices running... just before your recent illness and operation you had begun a daily drawing sessions.... I hope that your site will continue to stay online.... Inkbridge being one of my favorites... I think because it reminds me of my mothers' paintings.

You were 7-8 when I left to make my new life in Israel.....when you were sixteen or so you visited Israel and spent a year here... even enrolled in Bazalel art school... but your heart was in other places .... and you returned home....
We corresponded sparingly through the years.. but it was really after my visit in 1979 with Naomi then 17 and Yael 12 that we really reconnected... and of course with the internet and e-mail flourished....

In fall 2004 we also visited you in Concord, Ca. where we spent a few days before our cross country trip back to the East... we all met Jill Hamada at the rental agency in Oakland... that was the last time I saw you... see picture from a previous post in 2006

Since that last visit we corresponded almost on a daily basis.. and while you were still in Ca. often had chats with Yahoo messenger... you met Amir ,my grandson though the cam camera.... my morning being your evening and vice versa.... the past 3 years since your move to Mexico didn't allow too many chats because of the timezone .....your dreams of a new life in Mexico were cut short.. but I pray you are in better paradise....

Asha also leaves Irving Kohn her life partner,Mica Dawn Valli her daughter,Larz and Michael her grandsons,Debbie Monosson McGuire her sister.

Farewell Asha

Love n' forever