Congratulations JILL

Jill is now the Inventory/Merchandise Manager of SHMC
StarBuck Hear Music Coffeehouses..How exciting !!!

"I'm now leading the small team that is responsible for
choosing and buying music for our Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouses.
How cool is that? "


So next time you have coffee at a Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouse, and listen to the music think of the family connections!!!

L-R Carol,Jill,Asha,Yacov

I first met Jill when we went to pick up our rental in Oakland,Ca, fall 2004. Jill is my second cousin once removed, daughter of Rona Savel Hamada. We had been visiting my sister in Concord,Ca and Jill ,from Seattle,Wa, was on a work project for Starbucks in the area. We were at the beginning of our cross country trip and she took a break from work. We all went to have a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks. Where else???

Since then we have been in contact through e-mail and updates from Rona !

Family connection: For the younger generations!
Ruth Monosson Savel, Jill's grandmother, was the oldest daughter of Fred Monosson and Minnie Poley. Fred's brother David,my grandfather, was married to Minnie's sister Esther Poley. The two families lived I think more than 40 years at 75 Gardner Rd, Brookline ,Ma

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Debbie Monosson said...

Jill...what a great job! I happen to be one of those that purchases CDs in Starbucks...I love the compilations especially...and they're almost cheaper than a cup of coffee.