My Grandparents Didn't Swim the Atlantic

For years I have been trying to locate my maternal grandparents,ARONSON,on the Ellis Island database with no success. My grandfather,Hyman Aronson, stated specifically that he arrived on July 23rd on the Rotterdam, but I had never found him on that or any other Rotterdam sailing for 1900. So I always joked that they swam over.

Here is the Immigration story on the new web site for my Aronson-Price families

Since I wrote that story I looked over my mother's birth certificate...which is also a story in itself and there I saw the letter "S" for my grandmother's middle name. So the mystery of who was Sore is solved... but why weren't they sailing as a a married couple.

Finding this certificate was very hard because my mother was named Bella and they changed it to Beatrice... not legally but by use, and note that the spelling of ARONSON was with an "E".
I believe that on my Aunt Lillian's birth certificate she was named Lena.