Introducing Phoebe Emma Goldstein

Latest addition to our family tree. Introducing Phoebe Emma sister to Zoe now 2 1/2. Click on Zoe link to see previous post!!!

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Aren't they beautiful!!! Congratulations to Rachel and Whitney!!!

Mini family tree:
Fred Monosson
  Alice Monosson Freedland
    David Freedland
      Rachel Freedland Goldstein


Slow Cooker

Well this story begins with a slow cooker. We were in the local Home Center to buy a new headset for the TV and they had a sale on slow cookers.. something that I have been wanting to try. My daughter has one loves it... she makes her Cholent on it... they only had a small one 3.5 liter but I thought that would be enough for just us!!!! So we bought the small one with a promise that I would make Cholent this Shabbat!!!

Yacov then remembered that we had promised the first Cholent of the season to share with Lior at her base if she didn't have that Shabbat off ....See previous Coffee Break ... so I called Naomi.... yes she is at base this Shabbat but they transferred her to a new base and she hasn't visited her there so she doesn't know what picnic areas there are nearby.... but she "bought" my Cholent and since they were picking up Erez's father for Saturday lunch we decided to meet at the nearby Gan Yehoshua or Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv for an afternoon picnic.....sorry Lior time!!!

Well the small slow cooker wouldn't be big enough for all the takers.. so I used the my regular big stainless steel pot and made it on the stove.... and then in the oven over night....Here are a few pictures from a spontaneous Saturday outing!!! B' te avon!!!


Coffee Break

These were taken last October ..but better a bit late then not at all.

A visit with Lior near her base. During the holidays Lior didn't get much leave so during one of her breaks we all came and picked her up at her base for a coffee break at a near by picnic ground.

I have embedded the slide show. You can view full album by clicking under the slide show window on view album.




First a want to wish my sister Asha a fast recovery from a recent
operation.... as you know she is a digital artist .... you can see some
of her work here

I love the botanicals--and don't forget to take a look at
her fabulous wallpapers....

Wishing you a FAST recovery

I am using my e-mail program to add to my blog... maybe this way I
will be able to keep up contact with family and friends more
easily..... Now I just have to --remember to send myself a post... now
that shouldn't't be too hard since my email program is open most of the
day... for those that use Blogger its simple... go to settings> then
the email tab.... it shows you a special blog address with a window
for s secret word.... you can choose whether to directly publish of
save as draft.

We are all fine here... waiting for the winter to set in... a few weeks
ago we did have a few good days of rain but now its still sunny and
warm.... we really NEED that water.

Yacov had a cataract removed this week and is doing fine..... had a
little redness but its is clearing up..really dread when I will have
to do that procedure.

Ok now to see how this works!!!!!


Well the process went relatively well.... have to remember to send from my edanim account.... other wise I can't edit..still have to go into the dashboard and revise we'll see how it all goes....


Dead Sea--- Ein Gedi

Last month we took a weekend off and went to the Dead Sea and our favorite guest house at Ein Gedi.... It was too cold to dip in the Dead Sea but we did enjoy the hot baths and mud packs...

Here are some of the photos I took.... ENJOY ... clicking on the images brings you to a larger image in my Picasa album.

Happy New Year to ALL