First a want to wish my sister Asha a fast recovery from a recent
operation.... as you know she is a digital artist .... you can see some
of her work here

I love the botanicals--and don't forget to take a look at
her fabulous wallpapers....

Wishing you a FAST recovery

I am using my e-mail program to add to my blog... maybe this way I
will be able to keep up contact with family and friends more
easily..... Now I just have to --remember to send myself a post... now
that shouldn't't be too hard since my email program is open most of the
day... for those that use Blogger its simple... go to settings> then
the email tab.... it shows you a special blog address with a window
for s secret word.... you can choose whether to directly publish of
save as draft.

We are all fine here... waiting for the winter to set in... a few weeks
ago we did have a few good days of rain but now its still sunny and
warm.... we really NEED that water.

Yacov had a cataract removed this week and is doing fine..... had a
little redness but its is clearing up..really dread when I will have
to do that procedure.

Ok now to see how this works!!!!!


Well the process went relatively well.... have to remember to send from my edanim account.... other wise I can't edit..still have to go into the dashboard and revise we'll see how it all goes....

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Debbie Monosson said...

Carol...I tried to add to your blog a few months ago but couldn't quite figure out how...Mara,Rona,Kent, Judy my Mother and I had lunch with Avishai Kefir and his "film crew" to talk about Freds "personal" was an open, interesting and frank discussion..and I think learned more about Fred from made Fred a more compelling person...obviously very complex. Look for our movie debut in March in Israel!!! Also my nephew Alex took some beautiful photos during his trip to Israel..maybe I can get him to post them here..hope your economy is faring better than ours....Happy Thanksgiving to all!