Lot's of News

Its always great to get good news. Congratulations are in order on our Warshall branch from Washington state!!!! Freida Monosson was half sister to David,Fred and Isador.Laurie Cohen, Freida's granddaughter, sent me the news of the birth of Nickel.....

"Here is little Nickel--born last night around 9pm.Alex and Dana are fantastic, Mia was wonderful with her little brother, and the grandparents said a "she hech ki ya nu" (prayer for special occasions)


Some news from the ARONSON side. Just met a new cousin, Rachel Nason. She is the granddaughter of my first cousin Barbara so that makes her my first cousin twice removed.... confusing...... well Rachel has opened a great catering service and those in the Boston vicinity are in for a real treat. You can see what she is doing at
Looks de li cious !!!! Good luck Rachel !!!!!

And another congratulations are in order..... Selma, my first cousin and sister to Barbara, is now a gr-grandmother...... hope to get more details....

June was a busy month for birthdays around here. Naom, Yael's boy, was 2 on the 10Th, Yael had her 40th in the 13th, and Ruth,46, on the 19th. Today we are off to more birthday celebrations... a barbecue at Naomi's to celebrate Mor's birthday, 5th of July and Shabtai's on the 10th. I made a great lemon chiffon pie....