My Compositing

As I said before I am more a graphic person so thought maybe you would like to see some of the stuff I have been learning in Photoshop with a great group at my janee's site. We are working through Katrin's Eismann's book Masking & Compositing. Just finished chapter 7.. here's the index page

Hope you enjoy.... I am trying to shoot RAW and in manual mode..... thanks for taking a look!!!


Condolences to Ruth Poley Goldstein

I wish to express my deepest condolences to Ruth Poley Goldstein on the passing of William "Sonny" Goldstein on June 4th 2007. Ruth Poley is our first cousin once removed, her father Joseph was Minnie and Esther's brother.

It seems only yesterday that we visited you at your home in Newton..... we had such a grand time.
You made such a lovely reception at your home so that we could meet all of your family. Here is a photo that I took of Sonny at that time....fall 2002!!!!

Condolences to you and your family.

Ira Monosson

A little introduction: Ira Monosson is one of our extended Monosson relations. As you all know I am a bit of a genealogy "freak"... a little less lately as Adobe PS has taken over a lot of my time. Ira is from the Max Monosson line... who was from Moscow. We don't yet know how all the various Monosson lines are connected but I am positive that all Monossons are FAMILY.

Ira wrote:"We are well except that Aviva's mother died on January 1, 2006 at the age of 96. Aviva still is the career counselor at Culver City High School. Elana was married on November
21, 2005, and she works as a realtor. Danielle has been a diplomat with the State Department since 2002. After learning Turkish, she spent two years in the US Consulate in Istanbul. For the past 19 months, she has been assigned to the economics section of the Near (Middle) East Branch of the State Department in Washington, DC. One of her projects has been serving on a team that is trying to end the boycott of Israel by the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. She has been to the Persian Gulf regarding this last year and again this year. Ari ran in the Macabbi Games again in 2005 and won a silver medal. He is a young businessman here in Los Angeles. I semiretired in 2003 and work 1 1/2 days a week, sometimes less. I keep busy with volunteer work."

I met Ira and Aviva several years ago when their son Ari ran in the Maccabi games. I also met his daughter Danielle when she visited Israel.

Congratulations ZOE

Uncle Aaron sent me some images of Zoe Monosson's recent BatMitzvah. Aaron wrote: "Steven and Linda had their daughter Zoe's Bat Mitzvah on April 21 in San Mateo...we were there with marsha to celebrate...Zoe did a super conduction of Shabbat Services in Peninsula Temple Sholom in San Mateo." Congratulations ZOE !!! Here are some images Aaron sent of the occasion.

Zoe and Marsha

From Debbie Monosson- Monosson Vacation

Gloria celebrated her birthday with her family in Puerto Ric0.Debbie wrote, "We all went to Puerto Rico to celebrate my mothers birthday...amazing 11 of us could get along for 6 days!".
Here are a few updated photos from the vacation.
L-R Jamie Scherzer, Robert Seherzer,Susan M., Judith M. Scherzer,Alex S., Gloria, Debbie M, Ben Letcher, Sophie Letcher, Emily M, Sam Letcher.

Here is one of Gloria and her daughters:
L-R Susan, Judith, Gloria, Deborah, Emily

Great shots!!! Congratulations Gloria!!!!


I really owe you all an apology.... I really haven't been connecting..... really no excuses. I can say that I am not a very literate person... more on the graphic... pretty lame. I can also say that even though I live in one of the more "active" places on the globe, life seems to travel in an relatively normal and routine way, and since you hear enough about what's going on in the news you don't want it in a blog. Where I went shopping, what I had for dinner, etc isn't very interesting reading so I don't want to bore you. Well at any rate , since I did start this, and I DO want to keep in touch with all my family I will have to find the time to fill you all in on what going on here with us and let you tell me what's going on with you so I can share. So with that all said I will try to fill you in where I left off.