I really owe you all an apology.... I really haven't been connecting..... really no excuses. I can say that I am not a very literate person... more on the graphic... pretty lame. I can also say that even though I live in one of the more "active" places on the globe, life seems to travel in an relatively normal and routine way, and since you hear enough about what's going on in the news you don't want it in a blog. Where I went shopping, what I had for dinner, etc isn't very interesting reading so I don't want to bore you. Well at any rate , since I did start this, and I DO want to keep in touch with all my family I will have to find the time to fill you all in on what going on here with us and let you tell me what's going on with you so I can share. So with that all said I will try to fill you in where I left off.

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