Surprise in Miami

Jill wrote me of the surprise meeting she had when she was on a work project in Miami. She certainly gets around!!!

Jill wrote "It was February 2006 and I was in South Beach Miami opening our 2nd Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouse. I was sitting at a table in the store and out of my peripheral vision, saw someone staring at me. I looked up to find Sandy (Poley) Noymer standing there. I grew up 2 houses away from the Noymer family and hadn't seen them in years. Then in walked Judy (Poley) Walker and Sandy's 2 daughters Karen and Ruthie. What a shock. My mom is friends with Judy and mentioned to her that I was working in Miami for a couple weeks. Judy and the others happened to be visiting from Boston at the same time so they popped in to say hello. It was one of the best surprises I've ever had."

Front Row-L-R Jill Savel Hamada and Sandy Poley Walker
Second Row Karen and Ruthie , Sandy's daughters , Sandy Poley Noymer
Back Row Chris Nugent

Family Connection:
Jill Hamada daughter of Rona Savel Hamada and Edwin Hamada, first cousin twice removed of Sandra Poley Noymer and Judith Poley Walker, and second cousin once removed to Karen and Ruthie Noymer.

The Poley connection: Minnie Poley Monosson, Jill's gr-grandmother is the sister to Sandra and Judith's father "Chick" Poley. Now Jill that wasn't so confusing!!!!

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