Thank You Grandma and Grandpa

We've all written thank you notes to our grandparents at one time or another! Here's one from 1891,written by Frieda and her sister Sasha,probably from Moscow.

These were translated with the help of genners from Jewishgen. I think the Raja is a nickname for Sasha, as Fegenden the nick name for Frieda. Baby Isaac is Isador Monosson [about 11 months], and hard to manage David is my grandfather David [4 yrs]. Brust is probably Brest a city or distict in Belarus, probably referring to where he was born.

Russian Section

To my beloved grandfather and grandmother.

I am Thank God alive and healthy and wish you the same. Please write me more frequently letters. Give my best regards to great-grandfather and great-grandmother. Staying with you, your humble grand-daughter

Raja Monozon
91 year 21 August.

Translated by Evelyn Waldstein.
This is a cousin of the Freedland branch as Majorie Short pointed out to me! Small World!!!

Yiddish Section

My dear grandfather and grandmother. I am thanks to G-d well. Received your dear letter with great joy. Thanks for sending money. I bought two pair of woolen socks, different colors. Now I can write that Isaac from Brust is a beautiful child. David a very spoiled and hard to manage. He says he wants to write to you also and takes a piece of paper to do so. I have nothing else new to write. I beg you to write often and we will answer.

Your grandchild Fegenden

Translated by Tamar

Here is a second note!

"My dear and highly esteemed Grandfather and Grandmother,
My beloved ones! First of all,I am writing you that I am healthy, thank G-d, and may He continue to let it be so. My dear grandparents, I can tell you that I can play on a [illegible - Ramal?] a polka and a waltz, and I will play a volna [violin?].My dear grandparents, my dear Papa and Mama have a clothing [illegible], and the color is bordeaux. My dear grandparents, I ask you to write us letters more often in detail about how you are doing and how things are like there. Be well and happy. These are the wishes for you of your devoted grandchild,

Rosha Manadsohn [?]"

August 21,1891

This was translated by David Goldman

She may have been speaking about a piano.. Roz Monosson said that when Sasha was living with their family she played the piano. Rosha =Sasha Mansdsohn=Monossohn. As you can see the clearity of the letters makes the translation difficult....

I recieved these letters from Laurie Cohen our Warshall relatives.

Family connection:

Frieda and Sasha Monosson were half-sisters to David, Isador, and Fred Monosson. Frieda married Jacob Warshall, they had six children. Laurie is her grand-daughter, daughter of William Warshall and Edith Rubin. Another Warahall relative that has done a great deal of Monosson research is Michael Jaffe, Frieda's gr-grandson.

Sasha's husband was murdered in St Petersburg. She suffered greatly during WWII and when she arrived in the states she lived for a time with Isador's family, but she was not stable and she died in the Worcester State Hospital. Roz wrote a story about Sasha that I will put up on the blog. She is buried in the family plot at the Workman's Circle Cemetery in West Roxbury no stone was made for her memory. Roz Monosson and Majorie Short found out that information.


Asha said...


Amazing that those letters survived at all! I can't imagine how anyone could even read them, much less translate. Great job!
It's funny to hear that Grandpa David was a handful to bring up.


Carol said...


I found that amusing as well!


Emily said...

Hi Carol. This is Emily Monosson. Great letters. We just printed them out for my daughter Sophie's school project. She came home today and needed to do something about her ancestors. These were perfect.

When we printed them out - they looked just like the real thing (yellowed and wrinkled.)

I am constantly amazed with the internet - all that information flying through the wires (and the air!)

Thank you for doing this.