Monosson Outing abt 1922

Going through an old cigar box, yes it was my grandfathers, I found this lovely image of another family picnic... Every picture tells a story... I really love the spontaneity of this shot.. I bet it was Fred behind the camera!

On Janee's forum we have started a study group to explore photo restorations, based on Katrin Eismann's books. Hope to get the book soon.....I have lots of old faded photos and this should keep me out of trouble!

Here is the original scanned image: Click to get a bigger view

Here is my restoration: Click to get a bigger view

I think I can bring out more detail and contrast, and fix Alice a bit better. I may scan at a higher dpi. and try again.. in the meantime enjoy

Left to right:
Dave Monosson, Bathsheba Monosson, Esther Poley Monosson, Adolphe Monosson, Ruth Monosson,Alice Monosson.

If anyone wants the full image for printing please let me know.. these have been saved for web and won't make good prints.

Anyone else have any old Monosson or Poley images? Please share!!!

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Asha said...

Nice work! I do think you'll get better results scanning it in at a higher resolution and working from there. You get more pixels to work with that way.

I could immediately recognize Grandpa and Grandma, but couldn't recognize anyone else.

Can't wait to see the final results!