Cold---Think Hot Bathes

Its been raining and getting cooler....makes me think about sinking into a nice hot bath,98-102 degrees F,at one of our favorite places.... 45-60 minutes south towards Kiryat Gat... Hamai Yoav hot spring bathes.
Some of the links don't work ..!!!
Some pictures from our last visit. Had a great day at a real fun spot!


Jill said...

That looks so warm and relaxing.

Asha said...

As I sit here in my studio (Sunday morning) the temperature inside is 69' F and looking at you and Yakov and Ruthie in those tubs makes me want to run out and somehow join you.

Fortunately, the sun is out today and the roof (where we have a small garden) will warm up and I will go up there and "make like a lizard" for a while. But it's not quite the same *sigh*


Caroled said...

Jill Asha

Join us on the 12th!!!! We try to go every month!!!