Grandma Duties

It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been busy in two areas.... grandma duty and photoshop restoration study group. See monosson outing where I started to restore the picnic scene. A good friend brought me the book from the states, saving me 4-6 weeks shipping time and costs, and I have been busy doing Chapter 2 and trying to catch up with the group that started on the 1st of November. Here is the link to my "homework" for Chapter 2. I rescanned the image at 600 dpi and used several methods to fix the tonal and contrast qualities. At the bottom there is a link to the second part where I used other images for more methods.

Besides my weekly trip to Jerusalem, my daughter Naomi joined her husband Erez for a few days in Greece on his way home from a business trip. Who was on duty to hold down the fort.... general Grandma!!!! In the end I felt like bus driver, at least in and out of Naomi's jeep 3-4 times a day... I don't remember bussing my kids about... but times daughter deserves a medal to balence all that and her work in between!!!!

Next week, Thrusday, Thanksgiving... hope you'll share your family gatherings with some photos.. This year my friend Bev is having a Thanksgiving dinner... but on Shabbat, the 25th...

In the meantime, Hag Sameach, Happy Holiday!!!

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