Shalom Avery Joseph Labno

Say Shalom to Avery Labno, son of Sarah Elizabeth Price and Lance Labno. Our newest member to our Aronson Price family. Avery Joseph is named for his grandfather Allen [Avraham] Price and Joseph after his grandfather Joseph Lieb. I met Roger through Jewishgen and was thrilled to see he had our family photos. Seems his grandfather Samuel moved the Chicago area where they remained in contact with family through letters and exchanging pictures. Its great that we could reconnect our family through the internet.

Family connection:
Sarah is the daughter of Roger Price and Marilyn Jean Lieb. Roger is the son of Allen Price and Belle Newmark and grandson of Samuel Price and Etta Sorovsky.. Samuel is the brother of Fannie Price. Fannie Price married Hyman Aronson my grandparents!

Marilyn may be coming to Israel as a volunteer for the Jordan River Project the newest of the Hole in the Wall

The beautiful annoucement card was made by rattlenroll.

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Anonymous said...

Is Fannie Aronson still alive? I am looking for a Fannie Aronson who taught dance at Cass Technical High School in Detroit in the 1960s.