Names Patterns and Monosson

I promised Zoe Monosson a bit about names and especially Monosson naming. She found it amusing that her 4th cousin Zoe Goldstein's mother is named Rachel,,and she herself,Zoe,has a sister Rachel.

In the 19th century and well into the 20th children were named after their relatives that passed away, a grandfather,grandmother, gr-grandfather, gr-grandmother from either the mother's of fathers's side of the family. Here is a great slide show about names from Jewishgen

Well in our little Monosson family there are many doubles. Both Fred Efraim, and David named their sons Adolphe, after their father Adolphe Abraham who was brutaly murdered in Moscow in 1892. Fred's used a different spelling Adolf also known as big "Sonny". Now brother Isador also had a son, and grandma Bessie was adament to have him named Adolphe as well, but Aunt Anna was also stubborn and he was named Gerald from her side of the family, but note this... he was known a little "Sonny"!

Well it doesn't stop there! Two of Adolphe's daughters were named Susan Mary, Mary after gr-grandmother Mary Poley[ now Asha] and Deborah Basha, named after Gr grandmother Basha [Bessie Monosson]. Adolf followed suit with his Susan Joy and Deborah J ..... Debbie what does the J stand for? So there were two Susan Monossons and two Deborah Monosson all with Adolphe/Adolf for fathers....

Your grandfather Eugene Bernard was named after his gr-grandfather Berel Aronson, and I don't know who I am named after....


ruth said...

אמא שלום

קראתי וזה היה נחמד
אני מאוד נהנת מהבלוג מכל החדשות והתמונות רותי

Rona said...

Does anyone know who Ruth and Alice were named after? They were the other children of Fred and Minnie (Poley) Monosson.

Here's another question. Alice Monosson Freedland had two daughters. Was Beth named for Basha and Mara named for Mary? It seems like a possibility.

I have no idea who my brother Kent and I were named after. However, as the American Jews became assimilated, it became the norm to name a child after a loved one in Hebrew and then give an English name that was not related.

Caroled said...


Did you mother and Alice have a Hebrew name? That may be the key. looking at both the Poley and Monosson trees I don't see any possibilities..

With Beth and Mara that is a possibilty... is there a Hebrew name on Beths' stone?

Do you know your Hebrew/Yiddish name? I know mine... not for publication

mica dawn valli said...

hi carol,
this is mica ,i think what you are doing is wonderful.

mica dawn valli

mara said...

I am Mara Fredrica daughter of Alice Monosson and Morton Freedland. Granddaughter to Fred and Minnie.
I believe my sister Beth's Hebrew name is Betsheba and her middle name April was because of her birthdate April 1. I was named for Mary but I don't know how that became Mara. Mary is also my Father's Mother's name on that side.
I am really enjoying this blog. Carol, thanks for doing it.

Jill said...

Wow - that's confusing. I'm going to need a great big drawn out family tree to keep the genealogy and naming straight.

Caroled said...

Took another look at the Poley tree and found that the mother of Jacob Poley was Ruth from his death certificate... no surname. So that may be who your mother is named after. She would be your mother's gr-grandmother.

Caroled said...

Mara Hi,

Beth was probably named after Bathsheba and you after Mary Poley. Mara being a modern variation.

Actually Mary was known by several names... on my grandmothers marriage certificate she was Mikela which I think is a beautiful name. On jacob's death certificate Miriam.

Caroled said...


Glad you are enjoying the blog.

Asha said...

There are also the "David"s. David Monosson (my gradfather), and another David (on Fred's side).

Lots of doubles!

Wonder who you (Carol) and Eugene were named after!?

caroled said...


And don't forget Debbie's David....
I think I was named after a Hanna or Anna... because of my Yiddish name...
Mary Poley's mother was Anna... Dad didn't remember when I asked him!

Eugene is named after his gr-grandfather Lazar Baeral[Bernard] Aronson meaning bear/dov in Hebrew!
Cousin Bernie is also named for him.

Zoe said...

Thank you so much for posting an article about the family tree and the names in the family. It was very interesting to read and interesting to see all the similarities with the names of people in the family.

It was really nice to see all this new articles on the website because I just came back from a holocaust retreat with my hebrew school. It was nice to have a chance to sit down and read about everything

caroled said...

Speaking of the Shoah[Haulocast] there are several Monossons in the Yad V'Shem database. Mainly those that wnet to France before the revolution in Russia.

I once met a member of the French branch here in Israel. We don't know yet how we are connected. I believe there is a connection between all the branches.

Debbie Monosson said...

Carol..the J stands for Jane. But interesting enough Grandma & Grandpa Monosson (minnie&fred) wanted my parents to name me Linda but my parents did otherwise. So I don't know the genesis of my name.