New sister for Avery - Romy Annebelle Labno

Remember Avery !!!!
Well he has a brand new baby sister. See how both are smiling!!!

E-mail from Sarah: Hello! Just wanted to send the news about our daughter, Romy Anabelle Labno (pronounced ROW' mee). We're home resting and she's doing great, as is her proud big brother Avery who calls her "his" baby. She was born Sunday night at 10:39p (on her due date - how very punctual!). She weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and her height is 20 inches, and is named lovingly for a variety of ladies including Sarah's grandmother, Belle Price (birth name: Rebecca); Lance's grandmother, Angeline Labno; and Lance's greatgrandmother "Oma", AnnaOlga Nock.

As I wrote to Grandma Marilyn this is the reward of my genealogy projects... keeping 3rd and 4th generations connected.....
Marilyn also sent me this lovely photo!!

Congratulations to ALL

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Vera aharon said...

Mazal tov!
All the best for the whole Family
big" Noam and All!