Lior --- She's in the Army Now

L-R Naomi Lior Mor

Time has a way of playing tricks on us. It just seems like yesterday when I accompanied my daughter Naomi to the recruiting station and here it is that my oldest grand-daughter, Lior, has joined the ranks. She just started out her Army duty this past Wednesday and was home for weekend. She seems to be doing really great, after the first shock. She will have 3 weeks of boot training in a camp near Beersheba.

Good luck Lior from Saba,Sabta, Rutie and all the family. Take things easily!!!!

שרות נעים

In addition Naomi took part in the Zimriya this summer in Jerusalem. She took the Gospel workshop under the direction of Walter Whitman. Hope to add some images!!!!

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Asha said...

Best of luck to Lior!