Bernie's Pastels

How really great when MYBLOG reaches a family member that I had lost contact with. Such is the case with Bernie, my first cousin on the ARONSON side. His father Jack was my mother's brother. So I was very pleased when I received an e-mail from him recently when I sent out an update to my Aronson-Price group. We have been e-mailing since and besides updating family stuff have discovered similar interests.

As you can see Bernie does some really fabulous pastel work. Bernie hopes to set up a new site for his work but in the meantime I received some nice photos if his work scanned them for the blog.Bernie does commissioned work. You can contact him at pastelb33[@] Please remove the brackets. Here is a link to his album. Bernie's Pastels
Below a short slide show.


Asha said...

Really great work. I particularly like the fence with the daisies!

I'm looking forward to seeing Bernie's page when it's finally up!


Anonymous said...

Being a cousin on the Monosson side, I have not been fortunate to inherit the Aronson artistic talent and am extremely jealous.

Bernie's pastels are wonderful !